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July 10, 2022 | Infrastructure management

Zabbix 6.2 now available! Better configuration management and enhanced performance for large instances

The latest update of Zabbix is now available. Version 6.2 includes many new features and improvements in configuration management. Examples include the option to suppress problems for a specified time, the official AWS EC2 template, extended VMware monitoring, and improved host detection. Let's check out what else is new in the latest Zabbix!


We remind you that Zabbix 6.0 was released in February 2022. We covered it in our article.


Zabbix 6.2


Performance improvement

The new version of Zabbix introduces significant changes in how Zabbix performs internal configuration updates. Configuration refreshes are now incremental, which greatly improves performance on large Zabbix instances. As part of the internal design changes, the new version also implements a new user macro cache. The redesign of user macro caching can also provide significant performance improvements for Zabbix instances of various sizes. Additionally, new monitors (items) are now activated within a minute after their creation, streamlining the deployment of new monitoring.


Ability to suppress non-critical problems


Administrators can now suppress non-critical problems until a specified moment or until manual removal of the problem suppression. Action operations related to suppressed problems will be paused until the problems are restored.


CyberArk support for secret storage


Zabbix 6.2 added official support for storing sensitive data in CyberArk, in addition to the previously supported HashiCorp. This new feature allows securing database credentials and user macros or directly retrieving encrypted data through the Zabbix API.


Official AWS EC2 template


The official AWS EC2 template allows users to track AWS EC2 alarms, detect and monitor AWS EBS volumes, and collect data on processor, network, disk, and many other EC2 metrics.


Instant Zabbix proxy configuration synchronization


The new release enables instant synchronization of Zabbix proxy configurations for active and passive proxies directly from the user interface. Proxy configuration can now be refreshed from the "Administration" section via the command line directly on the Zabbix server or using the Zabbix API.


Extended control over discovered hosts


Hosts discovered from host prototypes now support manual template attachment, creation of tags, and user macros. This functionality can be utilized for already discovered hosts, e.g., through the VMware monitoring mechanism.


Tracking active agent status


In addition to passive agent status, the Zabbix user interface now also allows tracking the availability of agents in active mode. This option improves administrators' ability to monitor the agent connection status regardless of the mode it was started in.


The latest version, Zabbix 6.2, also includes many new templates for Envoy proxy, HashiCorp Consul, CockroachDB, TrueNAS, HPE MSA 2060 & 2040, and others. Moreover, Zabbix 6.2 introduces webhook integration for the GLPI IT Asset Management solution. The webhook can be used to transfer problems created in Zabbix to GLPI Assistance.


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