MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Automation is innovative software designed to optimize and streamline the processes of data transfer automation within an organization. With MOVEit Automation, businesses can securely and compliantly retrieve and transmit sensitive and critical data.

Vendor: Progress Software


After implementing MOVEit Automation, an organization can achieve several benefits:

  • Cost savings: The software replaces existing file transfer scripts, which are often time-consuming to maintain and develop.
  • Reduced financial outlay: Implementing automated file transfer processes does not require programming knowledge, significantly lowering operational costs.
  • Security: The organization gains software that adheres to high security standards, including PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA compliance.
  • Delegated permissions: This solution allows for the delegation of responsibilities to specific teams responsible for their respective areas.
  • Centralization: Having a single central tool for automating file transfers simplifies management and maintenance of the entire process.
  • Transparency: MOVEit Automation provides full visibility into the file transfer process, showing details such as file actions, origin, destination, and transfer success.
  • Data encryption: The solution supports sending files via encrypted mail, facilitating easy integration with other organizations.
  • Knowledge base: Certification programs and easy access to knowledge reduce the adaptation time for new employees, significantly enhancing the security of file transfer-based business processes.

Moveit Automation offers a wide range of functionalities:

  • Supported file transfer protocols: FTP(s), SSL, SSH, SFTP, HTTP(s), SMTP, Pop3, CIFS, SMB, EDIINT AS1, AS2, AS3
  • Supported operating systems: Linux/Unix and Windows
  • Graphical interface: web console for management and administration
  • RBAC (Role-Based Access Control): ability to delegate permissions for managing servers, tasks, and user groups based on AD directory services
  • Audit: audit logs for system access, executed scheduled tasks, and transferred files
  • Security: encryption of configuration files using FIPS 140-2
  • Fault tolerance: support for failover mode
  • Flexibility: configuration of automatic scheduling of recurring tasks and on-demand execution
  • Efficiency: simultaneous transfer of multiple files within a single recurring task
  • Stability: automatic retry of file transfers in case of previous task failure, with the option to retrieve missing files
  • Data integrity: functionality for checking checksums after file transfers
  • Supported databases: MySQL or SQL Server
  • Supported external data sources: AWS, Azure, MS SharePoint Online
  • Guarantee: ensures delivery of files from source to destination without alteration
  • Antivirus integrations: McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro
  • Data anonymization: supports anonymization of data before it reaches the destination
  • Automatic actions: execution of additional actions before, during, or after file transfers, performed from the Moveit Automation server
  • Synchronization: capability to synchronize directories across different servers.

What do we offer as part of the product?

As an official partner of Progress Software, Hawatel is able to provide licenses for the product along with support. We have experience in implementing the solution at any scale. We also perform migration of existing file transfer processes by analyzing them on Moveit Automation. Additionally, we offer script review services that implement file transfer and subsequently reflect on operating logic within Moveit Automation. Additionally, we specialize in creating all kinds of integration and supporting the solution.

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