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Rancher Prime provides comprehensive solutions necessary for organizations to securely deploy, run, and manage their containerized environment anywhere. By simplifying the cluster deployment process, it offers centralized management of authentication, access control, and monitoring of the entire infrastructure.

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Why use SUSE Rancher?

  • Increase operational efficiency: Rancher automates many tasks related to managing containers and Kubernetes services, allowing IT teams to focus on innovation and development instead of routine infrastructure management.
  • Optimize costs: The automation and better resource utilization offered by Rancher can lead to significant reductions in operational costs and IT infrastructure investments.
  • Support for multi-cloud and hybrid strategies: Rancher facilitates the deployment and management of applications across different cloud environments, enabling companies to leverage the benefits of various platforms without increasing operational complexity.
  • Enhance digital transformation initiatives: By simplifying and optimizing the deployment of containers and cloud services, Rancher supports companies in achieving their digital transformation initiatives, helping them become more agile and innovative.
  • Simplify multi-cluster management: SUSE Rancher allows for easy management of multiple Kubernetes clusters, whether they are deployed in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises, providing a unified interface for managing all resources.

Key features of the product:

  • Support for well-known DevOps ecosystem: Rancher Prime supports tools that DevOps teams already value, such as Jenkins, GitLab, or Travis for building CI/CD pipelines, Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, Fluentd for logging, and Istio for service network management.
  • Full integration with RKE2 and K3s: The Rancher platform includes advanced Kubernetes distributions like RKE2 and K3s, tailored for various operational environments.

    RKE2 (Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2) provides a high level of security and is ideal for enterprises requiring stringent compliance standards.

    K3s is a lightweight version of Kubernetes designed for simplicity and minimal resource consumption, making it perfect for edge computing, small clusters, and development environments.
  • Customization and extensions: Developers can easily customize the Rancher Prime platform to meet their specific needs and development requirements, utilizing a rich catalog of extensions and an integration library.

Check our offer!

We offer comprehensive solutions for the deployment, migration, and maintenance of Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher infrastructure. Here is a detailed description of our services:


Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher deployment:

  • Design and configuration of a Kubernetes cluster tailored to the specific business needs of the client.
  • Installation and configuration of SUSE Rancher as a tool for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters.
  • Integration with existing IT systems and automation of processes using advanced DevOps tools.


Migration to Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher:

  • Analysis and assessment of the existing IT infrastructure to plan an effective migration.
  • Transferring applications and data to the Kubernetes environment, minimizing service downtime.
  • Optimization of application architecture to run in containers and on the Kubernetes platform.
  • Testing and validating the system after migration to ensure smooth operation.


Maintenance and support for Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher:

  • Monitoring and managing Kubernetes clusters to ensure high availability and performance.
  • Regular updates and patching of systems to maintain security and stability.
  • Available 24/7 technical support, ready to respond to any incidents or issues.


Consulting and advisory services for Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher:

  • Strategic advisory in technology selection and expansion planning.


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Our offer is aimed at organizations with varying levels of technological advancement—from startups to large corporations needing scalable, secure, and flexible IT solutions. Our goal is to provide services that not only meet the current requirements of our clients but also support their growth and adaptation to the changing technological environment.

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