Wazuh is an advanced, open-source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that enables organizations to monitor, analyze, and respond to threats in real-time. The platform integrates intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring, log analysis, and compliance management functions, making it a comprehensive tool for IT security management. Wazuh offers flexibility with its scalability and ability to integrate with other security tools, providing complete visibility and control over IT infrastructure. With an active community and commercial support, Wazuh is not only a powerful but also a continuously evolving solution for organizations of all sizes.

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Why use Wazuh?

  • Comprehensive security management: Wazuh offers extensive features for monitoring and analyzing threats, ensuring full protection of IT infrastructure.
  • Scalability and flexibility: With its modular architecture, Wazuh can be easily scaled as the organization's needs grow, allowing for flexible resource management.
  • No licensing fees: As an open-source solution, Wazuh eliminates licensing costs, reducing expenses associated with system implementation and maintenance.
  • Community and commercial support: An active community and availability of professional technical support provide assistance in troubleshooting and system development.
  • Integration with other tools: Wazuh easily integrates with various data analysis and security management tools, enabling more effective monitoring and response to threats.
  • Regular updates and security patches: Continuous support in the form of updates and patches ensures protection against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance with regulations: Wazuh supports compliance management with various security standards and legal regulations, facilitating audits and reporting.

Key features of the product:

  • Intrusion detection system (IDS): Wazuh monitors networks and systems to detect suspicious activities, alerting in real-time about potential threats.
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM): The system tracks changes in files and catalogues, enabling the detection of unauthorized modifications and protection against ransomware attacks.
  • Log analysis: Wazuh collects, stores, and analyzes logs from various sources, allowing the identification and response to unusual events and behaviors.
  • Compliance management: The tool supports compliance with various security standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, helping organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Cloud security monitoring: Wazuh offers features for monitoring and securing cloud environments, ensuring the protection of data and applications in the cloud.
  • Real-time data analysis: The platform processes data in real-time, enabling quick detection and response to threats, thereby enhancing IT security.
  • Reporting and alerts: Wazuh generates detailed reports and alerts, assisting in the rapid identification of issues and taking appropriate remedial actions.

Wazuh solutions for your business!

Here is a detailed description of our services:


  • Wazuh implementation: As an experienced team of specialists, we will assist you in the full implementation of the Wazuh solution in your company, from configuration to system optimization.
  • Technical support: We provide continuous technical support for maintaining the Wazuh platform, available 24/7, ensuring that your infrastructure operates smoothly and without interruption.
  • Migration from other solutions: Planning to migrate from another SIEM system to Wazuh? Our experts will guide you through the migration process, ensuring a quick and seamless data transfer.
  • Integrations: We undertake integration projects, connecting Wazuh with other tools and systems used in the company, enhancing operational efficiency.
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