XCP-ng is an open-source virtualization solution based on the popular XenServer platform, which allows users to create and manage virtual machines in an enterprise environment. Providing high performance and scalability, XCP-ng is an affordable alternative to traditional virtualization solutions while offering support for a variety of guest operating systems.

Vendor: Xen Project

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Why use the XCP-ng platform?

  • High scalability: Thanks to its architecture, XCP-ng allows for easy scaling of infrastructure as the organization’s needs grow, both in terms of physical and virtual resources.
  • Solution maturity: XCP-ng leverages the solid foundations of XenServer, ensuring a high level of maturity and reliability for the platform. This maturity translates to a lower risk of errors and operational issues.
  • No licensing fees: As an open-source project, XCP-ng eliminates the need for licensing fees, which can significantly reduce the costs of deploying and maintaining a virtualization infrastructure compared to commercial solutions of the same class.
  • Community and commercial support: An active community and the availability of technical support for XCP-ng users, both from the community and professional commercial support, provide assistance in solving problems and developing infrastructure.
  • Security: Regular updates and security patches ensure protection against the latest threats and vulnerabilities, which is essential in a dynamically changing IT environment.
  • Support for various guest operating systems: XCP-ng provides comprehensive support for many guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Unix, enabling flexible management of diverse virtual environments.

Key functionalities of the product:

  • Live storage migration - enables the transfer of virtual machine disks between different storage pools without stopping or interrupting the machines' operation. This feature significantly enhances system flexibility and availability, allowing seamless reorganization and optimization of storage resources in dynamic virtualization environments. 
  • SR-IOV Networking (Single Root Input/Output Virtualization) - allows the direct assignment of physical device network resources to virtual machines, providing higher network performance and lower latency. This feature enables more efficient use of network hardware while offering virtual machines better bandwidth and lower CPU resource consumption. 
  • Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) - functionality that allows dynamic management of memory allocated to virtual machines, increasing resource utilization efficiency. With DMC, the system can automatically adjust the amount of RAM available to VMs based on their current needs, improving performance and enabling optimized memory management across the virtual environment. 
  • Modern UI (Xen Orchestra) - an advanced user interface dedicated to the XCP-ng platform, offering a wide range of functionalities that facilitate the management and monitoring of virtual infrastructure. Key functionalities include: 
  • Permission management: allows defining and managing user permissions, enabling restriction of access to specific resources and functions. This provides better security and control over the virtual environment, while also allowing flexible adaptation to the needs of different teams within the organization. 
  • Management and monitoring: provides a comprehensive view of all XCP-ng clusters, allowing easy management of virtual machines, networks, and data storage. Users can monitor infrastructure performance and health in real-time, enabling quick responses to potential issues. 
  • Backup and recovery: Xen Orchestra offers advanced tools for creating backups and recovering virtual machines, allowing for the scheduling and automation of the backup process. This enables easy data and system restoration in case of failures, ensuring service continuity.

XCP-ng solutions for your company!

Do you need support in implementing XCP-ng in your company? Are you looking for experts to help you maintain the XCP-ng platform or migrate from existing solutions like VMWare or Citrix XenServer to XCP-ng? We can help!


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  • Implementation of XCP-ng: As an experienced team of specialists, we will assist you in the full implementation of the XCP-ng solution in your company. From initial configuration to optimization, we are here to ensure a smooth and seamless launch of your virtualization platform.
  • Technical support: We provide ongoing technical support for maintaining the XCP-ng platform. Our team is available to answer your questions, resolve issues, and ensure that your virtualization infrastructure operates efficiently and reliably.
  • Migration from other solutions: Planning to migrate from VMWare or Citrix XenServer to XCP-ng? Don't worry! Our specialists will assist you in a painless migration, ensuring that the process is quick, efficient, and reliable.


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