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Audit and implementation of e-commerce security mechanisms

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In the era of rapid e-commerce growth, securing online stores has become an essential aspect of conducting this type of business. With the shift of sales to the digital world, the number of incidents related to data breaches and cyber-attacks has significantly increased. Online stores, being prime targets for cybercriminals, must implement advanced security measures to ensure the safety of their customers' data and the continuity of their business operations. Therefore, professional IT companies play a crucial role in building and maintaining effective security systems that protect against various online threats.




The client grappled with cyber-attacks on the e-commerce platform servers, leading to data breaches accompanied by ransom demands for their retrieval. The intrusions occurred periodically despite analysis and attempts to secure the systems by IT administrators.


The regular intrusions disrupted the fundamental functioning of the platform, ultimately resulting in decreased sales and a loss of trust among customers. An additional threat was the potential data leaks, posing a risk to the entire enterprise.




At the outset, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the current state of the servers and analyzed the installed software for vulnerabilities to attacks. We also assessed the software's effectiveness in detecting unusual behaviors. An important aspect was the audit of network traffic to detect any anomalies.


The detailed audit allowed us to identify weak points in the infrastructure. The software we installed and its appropriate configuration made carrying out an attack require significantly greater skill and equipment investments. Particularly crucial was the proper configuration of databases and securing all web servers.




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We halted the recurring intrusions by identifying incorrect configuration of the database software through which the attacks were taking place. We implemented security patches, strengthened server protection, and developed a new security policy, significantly elevating the server security standards.


As a result, the platform once again proved to be highly reliable for our clients. The risk of data leaks, which posed a threat to the existence of the enterprise, was greatly mitigated.


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