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July 13, 2022 | Infrastructure management / Virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Citrix: What are the benefits of a virtual desktop?

VDI, or simply virtual desktop, is a solution with a range of advantages. It gained particular popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic because one of its most obvious benefits is enabling remote work for employees on any device. But that's not all. Let's see what exactly Citrix's VDI, one of the world's leading cloud solutions, can do.


According to a report by Market Research Future, the VDI market is growing at an annual compound rate of 18.2% from 2020 to 2030. We are also seeing increasing interest in deploying this type of service at Hawatel. Among our largest clients who have purchased Citrix VDI implementation services are the Central Statistical Office (GUS), T-Mobile, and Grupa Lotos. In addition to client trust, Hawatel enjoys the status of SILVER Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA).


Benefits of VDI

Centralization and security


One of the advantages of VDI, which directly stems from its principle of operation, is centralization and enhanced security. After deploying a virtual desktop, the organization stores data on a server rather than on employees' disks. This makes ensuring data security much easier, as there's no need to secure each individual computer.


Availability and mobility


VDI offers incredible flexibility in choosing work tools. Employees are not restricted to using their single company computer. If needed, they can use a laptop, phone, or tablet to log into the virtual desktop. Upon logging in, they gain access to their workspace.


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Financial savings


A virtual desktop allows significant financial savings. Work takes place on a server, so there's no need to invest in expensive computers or licenses. This is a noteworthy advantage!


Easier IT infrastructure management


A virtual desktop means easier IT infrastructure management. Administrators no longer need to care for each device individually; applications are easy to deploy and maintain because they are installed in one place.


Backup and data recovery


Working with a computer requires regular backups; otherwise, in case of failure, the user might lose their data. However, if using VDI for work, there is no need to remember to make backups, as VDI automatically creates backup copies.


Citrix virtual desktop

All the benefits we mentioned also apply to Citrix's virtual desktop. However, Citrix's virtual desktop has several additional tangible benefits.


Citrix VDI user experience (UX)


Citrix is known for the most intuitive UX among available VDIs on the market. For example, Citrix requires only a corporate email address to start working. Additionally, Citrix Workspace automatically detects infrastructure and configures itself to best meet user needs. Citrix also ensures that every application will work correctly regardless of the network connection.


Citrix VDI security


Citrix's VDI comes equipped with additional security features and has an innovative approach to security. This involves analyzing application behavior and detecting anomalies. This system was developed in collaboration with Bitdefender, a leader in cybersecurity. Additionally, Citrix VDI offers features such as session recording, IP protection, session watermarking, keylogger protection, and screen capture protection.


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Managing Citrix VDI


Citrix provides unified management of any on-premises, cloud, and hybrid platform, virtual applications, and desktop environments with real-time data of the entire infrastructure. The Citrix tool characterizes user sessions and manages applications and images, allowing for more efficient management. Furthermore, Citrix provides exceptional integration capabilities with existing IT Ops tools and processes (e.g., ServiceNow, SCOM, SCCM) and enables automation of repetitive application management tasks to ensure the highest management efficiency.


VDI - the future of work?


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We firmly believe that VDI solutions will become more prevalent, as they not only enable remote work but also significantly enhance security and facilitate IT infrastructure management in organizations. It's important to choose the most experienced solution providers, as VDI implementation can be complex, and not every service provider will be able to handle it.


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