Zabbix is a leading and comprehensive open-source tool designed for IT infrastructure monitoring. It allows you to maintain control over your infrastructure by collecting millions of data points from any source.

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Why use Zabbix for IT infrastructure monitoring?

  • No licensing costs (open-source solution).
  • Zabbix is an enterprise-ready solution designed for monitoring complex IT environments.
  • Network, server, cloud, application, and service monitoring in a single tool:
  • With Zabbix, you can define intelligent problem thresholds, react proactively, predict trends, and utilize machine learning.
  • Multi-channel customizable notifications: Zabbix sends problem notifications via SMS, email, Slack, Telegram, VictorOPS, SIGNL4, and many more.
  • Powerful data presentation capabilities: Zabbix offers visualizations, graphs, maps, infrastructure maps, and reports.
  • Single interface for the entire infrastructure: Zabbix enables tracking of selected KPIs.
  • Numerous integrations and high security: Zabbix ensures encrypted communication.
  • Direct technical support available: Users can purchase direct technical support from the manufacturer.

Pay particular attention to the system's technical capabilities. Here are just a few:

  • Zabbix collects data from many devices cloud, databases, applications, websites, virtual machines, and HTTP/HTTPS endpoints.
  • Zabbix handles numeric, text, binary, as well as structured data (push and pull methods) in JSON, XML, CSV, and other formats.
  • Zabbix monitors log files.
  • Zabbix collects high-intensity data with a minimal polling interval of 1 second, schedules metric collection, and limits data bandwidth for high-frequency monitoring.
  • High-performance native Zabbix agent is available for all operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • Zabbix supports monitoring using any protocol without an agent.
  • Zabbix supports various remote monitoring protocols, e.g. website monitoring, synthetic monitoring with scripting, IPMI/Telnet checking, ICMP, and TCP.
  • Synthetic monitoring helps create complex scenarios for web application and API monitoring.
  • Zabbix allows data extension using command-line tools, external scripts in any scripting language, or synthetic monitoring for complex WEB and HTTP scenarios.
  • Zabbix can normalize and transform any data type before storage, e.g., number system transformations or CSV to JSON conversions.

Want to learn more about IT monitoring with Zabbix?

Hawatel is an official Zabbix Certified Partner. We specialize in Zabbix implementations, maintenance, migrations, and integrations. Optimize Zabbix with Hawatel and use our mobile app to have monitoring at your fingertips!

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