Development and implementation of a platform for website regression testing

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The client uses a solution for incident, problem, and service request management. The solution is provided to several thousand users, and its proper functioning is crucial for the entire organization.


The solution is continually developed and updated. After each change was applied, the system was manually tested by a specific group of users. These tests were time-consuming and inefficient. The client needed a platform to automate the testing process for both correctness and quality of operation, with the option of receiving notifications about failures.




After analyzing the requirements, the decision was made to build a dedicated regression testing platform based on open-source tools. The solution was built using the following technologies:


  • Selenium - for automated regression testing in popular web browsers
  • Jenkins - for organizing the automated testing process of the web application
  • Sinatra - for presenting the results of regression tests in the form of reports

To collect the regression test results related to performance and availability, an existing monitoring system, Zabbix, was utilized, operating within the client's environment. Based on the gathered parameters, the application owner receives real-time information about the test execution status.




After the implementation and deployment of the regression testing platform, we achieved the following results:


  • Offloading the testing team and redirecting their focus to other systems,
  • Minimizing the time for conducting tests,
  • Accelerating bug detection and informing administrators about the application's performance after implementing new changes,
  • Reducing the response time to service reports through periodic verification of operations.

Thanks to the periodic operational verification, the response time to service reports decreased through instant notifications sent to the maintenance team.

We enabled a comparison of the system's performance speed between changes/updates.

We also introduced business reports presenting KPIs regarding availability and SLA contract performance.


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