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July 27, 2022 | Cloud

Major brands and AWS: Why do giants choose Amazon Web Services?

The AWS cloud is one of the largest and most recognizable, but that's not the only reason why the world's biggest companies choose AWS solutions. One of the latest e-books from AWS, "Reinvention Starts with Cloud Migration of Your Data Infrastructure," provides intriguing insights into this topic.


Hawatel has been a partner of Amazon Web Services since 2015. As a partner, we have additional support, knowledge, and resources for implementing AWS products and services. Let's explore why major corporations have chosen to use them.


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Samsung and Amazon Aurora

Samsung chose AWS due to increasing data center traffic and the decreasing performance of their Oracle solution. Additionally, Oracle solutions were expensive and challenging to scale. Therefore, Samsung opted for Amazon Aurora.


As a result of an 18-month migration, 1.1 billion users from three continents were moved, reducing monthly database costs by 44% and maintenance fees by 22%.


Nasdaq chooses Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift

The American stock exchange sought a solution that would better respond to changes in the capital market ecosystem. Key objectives were improved market scalability, reporting, and response times to customer queries. To meet this challenge, Nasdaq's management decided to move their U.S. market transaction data from a local data warehouse to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.


The choice of AWS proved very beneficial for Nasdaq. The loading time for market data improved significantly, and the number of daily records without disruptions increased from 30 to 70 billion.


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3M HIS and Amazon Redshift

3M Health Information Systems (HIS) processes vast amounts of health data for its clients. Analyzing this data in a clear format was challenging. Therefore, 3M HIS sought new capabilities in this area.


Transitioning to Amazon Redshift enabled a significant change in data processing. Amazon Redshift facilitated better analytics and machine learning. It also improved the ability to store large amounts of data over extended periods and enhanced healthcare system performance and planning. All of this came at lower costs for the company and its clients.



For Autodesk, a 3D design tool, the challenge was increasing the efficiency of data logging. The volume of information requiring analysis and storage was growing, impacting Autodesk's reliable operation for its customers.


Amazon Elasticsearch and Amazon MSK provided better insights into data that could be collected and measured in real-time. Autodesk also achieved faster issue resolution and improved recovery times.


Why choose Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The examples of Samsung, Nasdaq, 3M HIS, and Autodesk demonstrate that AWS services offer business advantages and cost savings. Better management enables innovation, introduces new quality, and enhances security. Additionally, the tools offered by AWS are known for their versatility and high performance. These advantages are sought not only by large corporations but also by small and medium-sized enterprises.


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